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Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology

What is Medical Oncology?

Medical oncology is the treatment of cancer with drugs and chemicals. Treatments can be used to destroy cancer cells, slow the growth of cancer, prevent cancer from spreading, and reduce the symptoms of cancer.

What to expect if you are referred to CCSI for Medical Oncology Services?

Patients referred for medical oncology services meet with a physician called a medical oncologist who will review their history and medical records, perform a complete physical exam, confirm their diagnosis and discuss treatment goals and strategies.

Medical Oncology Treatment Options

Treatment options include:

Chemotherapy, the use of drugs to destroy and kill cancer cells;
Hormonal therapy, the use of hormones to treat cancer;
Immunotherapy, the use of substances to stimulate or support the immune system.
Treatments vary depending on the type of cancer, treatment goals, drugs used, and how patients respond to treatment.

Medical Oncology Services Provided At:

Cancer Care Center of Decatur
Cancer Care Center of O’Fallon
Crossroads Cancer Center (Effingham)
Centralia Oncology Clinic
Outreach Clinics