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PET/CT with Pylarify Prep

PYLARIFY® (piflufolastat F 18)

The day of your exam:

1) Arrive 30 min. prior to your scheduled time to allow for registration and dosing.
2) You may take your prescription medications. There are no diet restrictions.
3) Wear comfortable clothing and pants with no metal zippers or buttons. Please leave jewelry, belts, watches and change at home.
4) Please allow approximately 2 hours for your appointment. This includes a 60 min. waiting period for the medication to absorb in your body and 25 min. to complete the scan.

Please call with any questions and ask for the PET/CT Imaging Department:

Decatur (217) 876-6600
Effingham (217) 342-2066
O’Fallon (618) 416-7970

Common questions:

1) What patients qualify for a PET/CT with Pylarify?

  • Men with prostate cancer that has moved to another part of the body (metastasis) who are candidates for initial definitive therapy.
  • Men with suspected recurrence of prostate cancer based on elevated serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level.

2) How does Pylarify work?

PYLARIFY® attaches to prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), a protein found on the surface of most—more than 90%—prostate cancer cells. By targeting PSMA, PYLARIFY® can give your doctor a clear image and additional information on the location and the extent of the cancer.

3) What does a PET/CT scan with Pylarify look like?


4) Does Pylarify have any side effects?

In clinical trials, side effects of PYLARIFY® were minor and rare. The most common side effects were:

  • headache (2% of patients),
  • unusual taste (2% of patients)
  • fatigue (1% of patients)
  • hypersensitivity reaction was reported in 1 patient (0.2%) with a history of allergic reactions


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  • Pylarify image used from 18F-DCFPyL Image Interpretation Training Imaging by Andrei Iagaru, MD and Steven Rowe MD, PhD (Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular)