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Cancer Prevention & Detection

Although cancer treatment methods have improved and more people are now being cured of cancer than ever before, Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois believes prevention and early detection of cancer is vital.

Cancer Prevention

Although great strides have been made in cancer treatment methods during the past decade, cancer prevention remains a high priority throughout the United States. According to the National Cancer Institute, “Cancer affects us all — whether we have the disease, have had it, care about someone with it, or worry about getting it. Cancer prevention studies add to knowledge and progress against cancer.”

CCSI has participated in cancer prevention studies for breast cancer prevention and prostate cancer prevention.

Early Detection

Early detection is a key factor in the fight against cancer. Many cancer patients admit to having symptoms several weeks, months and sometimes even years before telling their doctor. CCSI encourages people to have routine health exams and to notify their physician as soon as possible of any health problems.

Learn the risk factors for cancer.
Learn how to reduce your risk for developing cancer.
Learn how to prevent cancer.

The best defense against cancer is early detection. Early detection can save your life.

Genetic Testing

Some people have a higher risk for developing cancer because of hereditary risk factors. Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois offers genetic testing and genetic counseling services.

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