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What is Hematology?

Hematology is the study of blood, the parts of the body where blood is formed, and blood diseases. In addition to offering cancer-related services, CCSI also specializes in hematology, including the treatment of patients with anemias, bleeding, and clotting disorders.

What to expect if you are referred to CCSI for Hematology Services?

Patients referred to CCSI for hematology services will meet with a hematologist for an initial consultation, review of family history, and detailed examination. In addition, bleeding or clotting tests will be drawn and analyzed.

Hematology Treatment Options:

Once a diagnosis is made, final treatment options will be presented. Frequently, treatment can be given in the CCSI center where the patient is seen.

Hematology Services Provided At:

Cancer Care Center of Decatur
Cancer Care Center of O’Fallon
Crossroads Cancer Center (Effingham)
Centralia Oncology Clinic
Outreach Clinics