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Patient & Family Education

Patient & Family Education

Patient & Family Education is a key element at CCSI facilities. CCSI physicians and staff encourage patients to include their family or close friends throughout treatment. We believe it is vital for both patients and their families to understand what the diagnosis means, how treatment will help, and what results the patient and family can expect. However, the patient has the right to choose whether family members or friends are included in the education and treatment sessions.

A physician will explain the diagnosis and present treatment options to the patient during a consultation or follow-up appointment.

If chemotherapy is set up, a chemotherapy nurse will meet with the patient and family to provide detailed information about the chemotherapy treatments and potential side effects. Booklets and brochures are provided. If the patient agrees, and depending on available room, family members may be able to stay in the treatment area during chemotherapy.

If radiation treatment is scheduled, a radiation therapist will meet with the patient and family after treatment begins to explain the radiation process. This includes reviewing the patient’s treatment plan, pointing out the treatment field on the patient’s port films (similar to x-rays), explaining any immobilization devices which are used during treatment, and discussing possible side effects. If the patient agrees, family members may be able to watch a radiation treatment from the monitor control area.

Patient and family education about cancer and treatment options is essential. Unanswered questions lead to unnecessary fear and frustration. At CCSI, patients and their families are encouraged to participate in the education and treatment processes and to ask questions at any time throughout treatment.