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CCSI Charitable Fund & Scholarship Program

CCSI Charitable Fund & Scholarship Program

Throughout the years, many families have asked CCSI about making charitable contributions which would be used locally to promote cancer awareness, education and research. CCSI established the Charitable Fund as a way for people to do just that.

The CCSI Charitable Fund was established to enhance community-based cancer awareness, education, and support programs throughout Central Illinois and has expanded through Southern Illinois as our practice has grown over the years.

The CCSI Charitable Fund is used to support many cancer-related activities (such as Cancer Survivors Day, American Cancer Society Relay for Life and KerbyStrong) that enhance and further cancer awareness and education programs for cancer patients and their families, as well as for the general public, throughout central and southern Illinois, and St. Louis Metro East.

The CCSI Charitable Fund also provides educational development opportunities to individuals (such as nurses, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, and radiation therapists) who provide oncology/hematology services in Central Illinois and to students who are interested in pursuing oncology/hematology careers.

Our Cancer Care Specialists of Illinois Charitable Fund is overseen by Heart of Illinois Community Foundation. Personal and corporate donations are welcomed and help the Charitable Fund provide a perpetual source of grants that will continue to support cancer-related activities and programs for years to come. Donations are tax-deductible. If you would like to make a donation via credit card, call 217-429-3000 during regular business hours and ask for Chasity or Missy.

To make a memorial donation online, click here.


The CCSI Charitable Fund & Scholarship Program

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The CCSI Charitable Fund Scholarship Application