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CCSCI is proud to serve patients with highly skilled physicians and staff. Our physicians bring a wealth of expertise together with a variety of special interest areas. Furthermore, our specially trained staff meet the needs of patients on a daily basis.

CCSCI patients describe our physicians and staff as competent, caring, compassionate, helpful, and considerate. Our physicians and staff help patients and their families during what is often a difficult and frustrating time. Whether giving a treatment, educating patients and their families, or just showing a simple smile, CCSCI's caring and compassionate staff provide support to patients and their families each and every day.

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Physicians & Providers

Medical Oncology/Hematology





Ann M. Disney, RN, BSN,
Charge Nurse
Phone (217) 876-6600
Fax (217) 876-6606


Marielle Reyes, MT(ASCP)
Laboratory Director
Phone (217) 329-3238
Fax (217) 872-5226


Chris Bennett, R. Ph

Pharmacy Manager
Phone (217) 329-3239
Fax (217) 876-9829

Patient Services

Leigh Ann Hale
Patient Services Coordinator
Phone (217) 329-3255
Fax (217) 329-3319



David G. Smith
Executive Director
Phone (217) 876-6600
Fax (217) 233-1670

Office, Billing & Transcription

Lillie Barker
Office Manager
Phone (217) 876-6600
Fax (217) 233-1670

Deanna Schmitz
Business Office Manager
Phone (217) 877-9442
Fax (217) 233-1670

Tricia Henning
Project Manager
Phone (217) 329-3257
Fax (217) 233-1670


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